We have come to know several dozen squirrels who frequent our birdfeeders. In fact, the squirrels gave us so much pleasure, we set up feeders to attract them and keep them away from the birdfeeders.

Here are the stories of several squirrels -- Tom, Bridget, Dolly, Punker, and Jack. Each has a distinct and different personality. Squirrels are lots of fun and they have given us hours of entertainment.

The first squirrels we came to know were Tom and Bridget. Tom was a true gentleman. He’d stroll to the window, lightly flick his tail, and stand on his hind legs begging for a walnut or pecan.

Tom was never abrupt or spontaneous. He had a deliberate, confident manner, and would gently take the nut from your hands into his mouth.

Tom was the alpha male squirrel in our yard. All the other squirrels scattered when Tom mounted the staircase to our deck.

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